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BoatEye is a small, inexpensive device that is fitted to your boat that not only provides GPS data, so you know exactly where your boat is, but also provides environmental and systems data.

BoatEye uses the latest technology to constantly monitor your boat’s location, systems and environment. Communicating over the global GSM network to a centralised server, we can alert you via email and SMS when any parameters fall outside a threshold you set.

Base unit features:

  • GPS Location (with geo-fencing)
  • Monitors main battery voltage
  • Reports orientation of the boat
  • Reports the internal temperature
  • Extendable bus for additional sensors
  • Easy to install (DIY option)
  • Inconspicuous
  • Low cost

Remote sensors:

  • Intruder detection and alerting
  • Starter battery voltage & temperature
  • Temperature, Pessure & Humidity
  • Smoke / Fire sensors
  • Battery current / State of charge
  • Water ingress
  • Engine run time
  • Fuel tank level
  • Water tank level
  • …What would you like to see?