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What is BoatEye?

BoatEye is a small, inexpensive device that constantly monitors your boat and it will alert you via your email or SMS message, if it senses a problem. (All data charges are included in the price.) It is easy to install, inconspicuous and low cost, which can help you avoid expensive repairs/replacements.

Monitors included with the base unit:

  • GPS Location (with geo-fencing)
  • Main battery voltage
  • Orientation of the boat (is it listing?)

Monitors not included (but can be added)

BoatEye has an extendable bus for additional sensors (not supplied by BoatEye), for example…

  • Intruder detection and alerting
  • Starter battery voltage & temperature
  • Temperature, Pessure & Humidity
  • Smoke / Fire sensors
  • Battery current / State of charge
  • Water ingress
  • Engine run time
  • Fuel tank level
  • Water tank level

…What would you like to see? BoatEye can support up to 50 additional remote sensors and we are always open to suggestions.