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BoatEye has been developed and is produced exclusively by ourselves, there are no other stockists for our devices.

Buy a BoatEye with monthly subscription

Buy a BoatEye with annual subscription


  • You buy the BoatEye device direct from ourselves, the device costs £95 including p&p.
  • You get the BoatEye fitted to your boat. They are not difficult to fit if you have a modicum of DIY skills, otherwise your local boat engineer will be able to do the fitting for you. We are very happy to provide all the information and support you, or your local engineer will need, free of charge, to complete the fitting and testing of the BoatEye.

You will need to subscribe to a plan to access your BoatEye’s data:


We are currently offering one subcription option:

  • Premium plan: £10 / month or £110 / year (one month discount)
  • The subscription includes all data transmission costs (no additional costs)
  • If you buy the first year’s subscription at the same time as you buy the hardware we give you an extra month free (total of two months subscription free)

Premium plan details:

  • Current location displayed on an online map
  • Geo-fencing
    • Ability to set home location
    • Ability to set geo-fence diameter
    • Email / SMS alert if your boat moves more than your set radius from its home location
  • Realtime sensor data displayed online
    • Ability to set high and low thresholds
    • Email / SMS alert if high or low threshold is breached
  • Historic GPS data available
    • Previous routes drawn on map
  • Historic sensor data
    • View last 24 hours data
    • View last weeks data
    • View last months data
    • View last years data

Continual Development

We are continually developing our service and roll out new options and services on a regular basis. If you subscribe to our premium plan, you will automatically receive all new options. If you have an idea for a new facility please let us know, we are customer driven and will often implement ideas in our service suggested by our customers.

Tel: 03333-448232 Email: